The Indian Public Schools are “private, independent and secular” institutions of secondary education established by the government and receive annual grants-in-aid. They are, however, considered to be 'private' and 'independent' because they are managed by the autonomous Boards of Governors and are not obliged to follow the regulations of the grant-in-code. Technically, an Indian Public School is one, which is a member of the IPSC. These schools have a distinct identity and it should not be confused with the large number of schools, which have liberally adopted the words 'Public School' with their name.


We provide boys/girls with opportunities for training in responsibility, leadership, and service with an emphasis on both academics and extracurricular activities for "All Round" development of character.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Schedules

  • 2023-12-18
  • IPSC Students Conclave

    IPSC Students Conclave 2023 is opted by Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls' Public School, Jodhpur 

  • 2024-03-01
  • 84th Annual Conclave

    The 84th Annual Conclave for the year 2023 has been opted by B K Birla Centre for education, Pune

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